The Watts

The Watts family came to Kibuye via the Serge team in Bujumbura, where George was helping with teaching and academic leadership at Hope Africa University before they were forced to leave due to the ongoing violence (“Fantastic evacuation. 4-stars. Highly recommended”). The peaceful, green, quiet freedom of Kibuye is a dream come true for the kids, and a great fit for the whole family. 
Originally from a small town on the Canadian prairies (where they met in Jr. high) - George & Susan got married, then moved to Kazakstan for a year - teaching english, working with orphanages, & developing children material. They finished undergrad, then moved to France for George’s graduate studies where Jonah was born. Then back to Canada where George was a professor at King’s University and Matea and Micah were born. Then back to France for doctoral studies and skiing, where Alma was born. 

Susan is a mother-of-four extraordinaire, sometimes homeschooling, and always the hostess with the mostest. 
George is working with hospital administration at Kibuye, putting into practice his doctoral studies on resource-constrained environments. 

Born: Meadow Lake, Canada (a tiny farming town way up in Northern Saskatchewan)
Likes: travelling, running, skiing, reading & writing
Dislikes: being cold

Born: Saskatoon, Canada
Likes: good food (making & eating), reading
Dislikes: flying

Born: Grenoble, France
Likes: reading, skiing (oops…sorry about that), computer-y things
Dislikes: ketamine

Born: Edmonton, Canada
Likes: hanging upside down, doing life at top-speed, taking care of the little kids
Dislikes: using her 'inside voice’ 

Born: Edmonton, Canada
Likes: Lego, Star Wars, Star Wars Lego, tree climbing, hiking, memorizing things
Dislikes: wearing shoes

Born: Grenoble, France
Likes: saying crazy things, making us laugh, playing in the mud
Dislikes: eating bananas 

Their family blog can be found at: www.pardonourfrench.com

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