The Thiessen Family

We are the Thiessen Family

Jesh and Julie knew of each other since childhood but reconnected over coffee and discovered a shared passion for missions. Julie had previously taught primary school in Burundi and Jesh had previously travelled to the Dominican Republic and Myanmar on short-term missions trips. They connected with Jason Fader at the Global Missions Health Conference in 2014 and felt God's desire for them to work towards joining the Kibuye team shortly after. After completing language training in Albertville, France they will join the Kibuye team in June 2018. 

Jesh is a Canadian trained General Surgeon with a background in Electronic Engineering Technology and manufacturing. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, he completed medical school at the University of Calgary and his General Surgery Residency at Queens University in Ontario. While not passionate about food, he does appreciate ice cream and a good steak. He enjoys fixing almost anything. He may have convinced his bride to watch the Lord of Rings Extended Edition on their honeymoon! 

Julie loves hospitality, cooking and being a mother. She has travelled to India and Burundi, teaching in both countries. She is definitely more passionate about food then Jesh, and looks forward to embracing the challenge of cooking and making a home. She has had a long held desire to work overseas, and has been a support to her husband through the many years of schooling. She does not feel the need to watch Lord of the Rings (extended edition) ever again. 

Kaden surprised his parents by arriving early while we were out of town in British Columbia. He loves to build, read and spend time outdoors. He prides himself in keeping all our devices fully charged at all times.

Seija was born in the Northwest Territories in Northern Canada. She loves princesses, cheese, and chocolate, and has been known to beat her parents at games like "Settlers" and "Quirkle".

Kai is the newest member of the family born in Ontario during Jesh's surgical residency. He enjoys things like crackers and bottles of milk at all hours of night. Despite wanting to socialize while all other creatures are sleeping, he is adored by us all.

For more information check out thiessensburundi.blogspot.com