Jason, Heather, Anna, and Abi Fader

Meet the Faders

Jason:  Enjoys teaching surgery at Kibuye Hope Hospital, fixing and building things in the workshop, and reading in the early morning hours.

Heather:  Absolutely loves her job as a stay-at-home mom.  She also likes studying languages, which is very helpful in rural Burundi.

Anna:  Loves animals and brings them home regularly.  She's always eager to make new friends, yet she's also happy to curl up and read a book.  

Abigail:  She dances, she bikes, she rarely sits still.  Perhaps this is related to the fact that she is five years old and has lived in five countries:  Ethiopia, Kenya, the US, France, and Burundi.

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Susan said...

Hi, Heather. I was just reading through a Spark proof and noticed your class note, so I checked out the blog. How exciting for you to take this next step forward after so many years of planning and dreaming! I had a chance to visit Knox for my counsin's wedding (Sondra Buist Rosander) and enjoyed our visit. ~ Susan Buist, Calvin '98