Jason, Heather, Anna, and Abi Fader

Meet the Faders

Hometown - Kijabe, Kenya
Favorite Food - Chicken curry
Hobbies - Car maintenance, Home improvements
Music preference - Classical, Baroque

Hometown - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Favorite Food - Ice cream
Hobbies - Running, reading to her girls
Music preference - Hymns

Hometown - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Favorite Food - Frozen blueberries
Hobbies - Reading, talking, singing
Music preference - Psalty tapes

Hometown - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Favorite Food - Cheerios
Hobbies - Chewing toys, laughing with Anna
Music preference - anything by Anna Fader

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Susan said...

Hi, Heather. I was just reading through a Spark proof and noticed your class note, so I checked out the blog. How exciting for you to take this next step forward after so many years of planning and dreaming! I had a chance to visit Knox for my counsin's wedding (Sondra Buist Rosander) and enjoyed our visit. ~ Susan Buist, Calvin '98