Donation Information

World Medical Mission has a designated project account for each family. If you'd like to contribute financially, click on the family's name below for a donation form. (All financial contributions are tax-deductible.) You can print and mail them.

John & Jessica Cropsey
Jason & Heather Fader
Eric & Rachel McLaughlin

You can also click on this link, and donate online through World Medical Mission to our accounts by typing in the last name of any family, and following the directions.

World Medical Mission's Post-Residency Program pays for all expenses for each doctor and also provides a monthly stipend. We are responsible for raising funds for the following:
  • Travel expenses for spouse & children (airfare, passports, visas)
  • Vaccinations for spouse & children
  • International health insurance for spouse & children
  • Our shared van "The Jolly Green Giant"
  • Ministry expenses
**Note:  Thank you for your support during our time at Tenwek!  Through the generosity of many friends and family, God has met each of our needs.  You can continue to send donations to our project accounts at World Medical Mission up until we transition to World Harvest Mission (in late September 2011, Lord willing).  100% of the excess funds in our World Medical Mission accounts will be rolled over to World Harvest for ministry in Burundi.  We will post updated donation information with World Harvest when it becomes available.


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I'm having trouble uploading the form for Faders.

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