The Vision

Since November 2013, we have been living in Kibuye, Burundi, a small remote site which hosts Kibuye Hope Hospital, a ~100 bed hospital at present which often has more than 75 medical, nursing, and paramedical students from Hope Africa University, based in the capital city.

We are here to teach and disciple students in these schools, in order to have them go out to the rest of this country, which at present is among the most doctor-poor nations on earth.
Kibuye Hope Hospital
Our 30-year strategic plan envisions this place becoming a national center of medical care and education, expanding to over 300 beds, including surgical, intensive care, emergency, opthalmology, community health, and NICU services, along with almost everything else you really can't find anywhere in our region at present.

Maybe this will come to pass through us.  Maybe in spite of us.  Certainly it's a task for which we are insufficient in our own strength and capacities.  It's our privilege to be on this journey.
John with HAU medical students on an earlier trip
Patients in the queue at  Kibuye Hope Hospital