Tenwek Coffeehouse

Last week, we finally did something that we've talked about for at least four months. Rachel and I hosted the first (ever, we think) Tenwek Coffeehouse. The idea was this: Tenwek usually has anywhere from 25 to 40 young Kenyans in medical training, apart from the nursing school. They come out to this rural area because of the reputation of the hospital, and the desire to be trained here, but almost any other training site would have more social life than here. And most of these trainees have lived at least part of their life in a big city. We've done other things, such an hosting various social activities and game nights at our homes, but I thought we might try something a little more unique.

And so we decided to try a Tenwek Coffeehouse Music Night. This was a pan-McCropder event. Cookies and tasty bread were baked. Coffee and chai were brewed. Lots of cups were obtained (none of us have more than 10 or so), and we invited all the docs and interns to the church meeting room for an evening of music.
Interns, med students, residents, and attending docs all signed up to do some music, and we had a great time. Most everyone who wasn't on call made their way down.
Rachel and I did a small set of four songs, and I had the chance to accompany one of the residents as well. Afterwards, they set the keyboard to play some rhythmic loops, and a group spontaneously broke into a dance circle around the keyboard, which probably lasted around 20 minutes. There was only one white face there (though mostly blocked in the photo below), which was John, who not only danced with gusto, but actually was leading the dance at a certain point.
Overall, the feedback was very positive, so we'll probably try to replicate this in a few months, when we have a new class of interns. Much thanks to everyone who helped.

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kimche said...

what an awesome idea! looks like it was a blast =]