McCropder Update III: Blog Features

And now, for the anticlimax: A couple new blog features we wanted to make you aware of.

First of all, through the generous help of a friend, we have secured the domain mccropders.com. That's right, no more "blogspot" in the address, though you can still use that one, as mccropders.com just forwards to mccropders.blogspot.com.

Objection from the peanut gallery: "The blogspot part wasn't the hard part to remember. It was the word 'mccropder' that I couldn't remember." True. But for some people, the blogspot part was tough also, and we couldn't come up with an address better than this, so we kept it, but tried to simplify it.

Second of all, there is now a handy "Free Items" link in the upper right corner, and you can currently follow it to 2 different Items. First, there is a link to download Eric's music for free. Second, we have pooled some of our favorite Kenyan pics to make some desktop wallpapers for you to download as a pictorial reminder to pray for us. Likely more free items in the future. Enjoy!

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