McCropder Update: Part I

As 2010 draw to a close, we realize that it has been a big year in so many ways, just as big (if not bigger) than 2009. We thank you all for your prayers and support this year as we have journeyed together through so many things. 2010 brought an adjustment to Kenya, to Tenwek, to life in community. We had struggles and joy at home and at the hospital. We began more actively seeking what God wanted us to do as a team, and where to do it, through visits to Burundi, Madagascar, and Liberia. And now we want to take the opportunity, in several parts, to give you an update on the conclusions we feel God has led us to. I'm sure what everyone wants to know first is, Where Next? And that's coming soon.

But first, we are excited to announce some special McCropder expansions. These would be in addition to the McLaughlin baby coming in March. :) First, many of you know that Carlan Wendler, a friend of all of ours from Michigan/Knox church, has long expressed interest in joining up with us long term. Earlier this year he moved past interest and into commitment phase. We are excited to have him along for the ride! He is currently in his third year of emergency medicine residency at Los Angeles County Hospital, and will finish June 2012. He was out visiting us last February, and everyone enjoyed having him around with his fun personality and willingness to play with our kids.

The other important expansion is that Alyssa Pfister, the other Post Resident at Tenwek, has also just decided to come on board! She has been working and living alongside us (literally--she moved into the upstairs apt next to the Cropseys) this past year, and has quickly become a wonderful friend. She is from Nashville, and did her Med-Peds residency at the University of Alabama. You can check out her own blog here. Although we are all thrilled that she is going to become a long term part of her team, Eric is especially happy that we have two more primary care docs to round out our surgery-heavy team.

Now the real question is, what to do with the McCropder name? We worked out some new configurations, like PMcCropdlers (silent P, like Alyssa's name), but decided in the end to just keep the original McCropder name. The Cropseys might be willing to share their "p", and the Faders could share their "er" with Carlan. :) Stay tuned for more parts of the update, including the where next question, as well as exciting new blog features!

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