Kenya does not typically make international news. A major exception to this was in 2007 when the presidential election took place. Most of you remember the violence and rioting that broke out when the election results were released, sparking intertribal conflicts between many of Kenya's 40+ tribal groups. Over 1,000 people died and many more became homeless during this time. A power sharing deal was eventually brokered, and peace was restored, but many worry that the same thing could happen again in subsequent elections.

Well, the time has come for Kenya to adopt a new constitution. Unlike the US, where we have a set constitution with amendments and vote to add amendments as necessary, in Kenya the entire constitution gets voted on. Out with the old, in with the new. On August 4, Kenyans will vote on this new constitution (referendum). I don't pretend to be an expert on it, but there seem to be some controversial points to it, like a move towards legalizing abortion, and Muslims being able to try their legal cases in a Muslim court, as well as a portion on land reform (personal vs. govt ownership of some key areas of land in Kenya).

We would ask for your prayers in these next several weeks. Pray that the Kenyans would be sensitive to the Lord's will regarding a yes or no vote on this constitution. Pray the voting would not be corruptible in any way. Pray all would be done peacefully, that no harm would come to the Kenyans or to ex-pats (like us) living in Kenya, and that everyone would accept the decision. I am fairly confident that we are safe here at Tenwek Hospital, and there won't be any problems, but some extra prayers never hurt! Thanks, and we'll keep you updated in the weeks to come.

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