Favourite Signs of Kenya

One of the simple joys of life in Africa is the wonderful storefronts and signs that you meet everywhere. I have been keeping a photo file of some of my favorites, and they are here for your enjoyment. I plan to keep this as a link on the sidebar, and update it whenever I feel I have found another hall-of-famer. Hopefully John will soon post his similar collections of matatu decals.

Vote for your favorite!

Wal-Mart Complex Shopping

For the record, "Moran" is a feared Maasai warrior. But still...

What exactly do you think goes on at this place?

Hilarious Mascot General Stores

Awesome African school names.

Excellent Obama Fashions

Click to enlarge. The fine print is "The Best Nyama Choma (grilled meat) in East & Central Africa & Asia."

Beware the Baboon Menace.

Bipartisanship. McCain's state and Obama's mug.

If they had spelled it "Candy Shoppe", it would have been perfect.
How would you define "Anti-Natal"?
On the Tenwek Hospital grounds

If we only we had his skills, think of the impact!

For sale in the same town as the Lazarus Funeral Home. The misspelling of "arthritis" is maybe my favorite part.

A chicken coop just down the hill


Christina said...

Alright - Kapsowar is well represented!!!

Anonymous said...

I like how they threw in Asia, just in case East and Central Africa wasn't enough... :)

Unknown said...

This was so funny! Living overseas we have gotten to see some great stuff, so this is hitting a funny bone.
Dawn Dolan

Anonymous said...

The funeral home makes me smile the most...Mariah

Faders said...

Those signs are hilarious. I guess after being in Africa so long, we don't notice them anymore. But with a fresh look, it's so entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the Lazarus Funeral Home. It has my vote.