Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire ? -- Kids Video

by Logan

Julie has really enjoyed working with the kids of Kibuye Hope Academy in French class.  Several months ago, she posted the first video from their class: Trouver l'objet where they play an I Spy type game.

"Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire" means "What do you like to do?"  The kids got to decide what things they like to do and make a short video about it.  Enjoy the peek into life here at Kibuye, as they share these activities with you in French.  If you don't speak French, then enjoy the mini-French lesson!

Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire ? - Kibuye Hope Academy from The Banks Offshore on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? I like to watch you all speak french and make videos!