Dollar Street

(from Eric)

Via the BBC, I happened upon this very intriguing site yesterday, and I feel it's worth passing on.  Anna Rosling Rönnlund started the site as a way to "visit" homes and cultures and families all over the world.  Numerous countries are represented, and they are ranked on the home page according to monthly salary (the lowest being $27/month, a lady in Burundi in a province south of us).  

The base page is here.

You can enter and tour everyone's home.  For instance the tour of the Burundian lady's home, including her awesome toothpaste storage technique and her even more awesome smile can be found here.

You can also sort the homes by various filters.  For instance, you can sort for "Places Where Guests Are Served Dinner" all across the world here, or "Jewelry" all across the world here.

As American expatriates living in Burundi, we live in a world of extremes.  Both the wealth of our home country and the poverty of our host country can be very uncomfortable.  In the past, when we've recognized these extremes, we've wondered what the "global mean" is.  That's not exactly the point of this website, but it does give some wonderfully diverse glimpses into the homes of the world.  All from the convenience of your home internet connection (if you have one.  =)  )

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Lillian Quinones said...

Thank you, Eric. This is a fascinating website!