Congo: Revisiting Hero Bubble Gum

(from Eric)

As some of you very faithful blog readers may remember, in early 2010, we posted this after encountering our first "Yes We Can-dy" in Kenya: Obama Gum.  It remains a favorite phenomenon, and though it is Kenya that has a claim to President Obama, all of Africa feels a certain fascination with the American President.  In fact, as enthusiasm in Kenya has waned a bit (seeing that Obama being President of the US means little for Kenyans), Obama Gum has become harder to find there.  

However, there is a pecking order for these things within Africa, and Kenya's leftovers get sent to...Burundi.  So, we can still find Obama Gum here, though I don't like to think about when it might have been produced.

Obamania in Gum Form: 2010
Last month, visiting DR Congo for the first time with the Eye Team, I was delighted to find that the Hero Gum is, in fact, quite egalitarian.  So, I'm happy to present to you another Hero Gum: Nelson Mandela.

Seeing as though I only found the wrapper, I unfortunately cannot provide you with a side-by-side taste comparison, which (I think we can all agree) would have been absolutely fascinating.

Hero Bubble Gum #2: Nelson Mandela
What this shows us is that, if one day we are able to post a photo of McCropder bubble gum, then all the world will know, with the utmost degree of objectivity, that the mission for which God has prepared us has been, in fact, fulfilled.

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