Engineering Team Visit

A few weeks ago, Kibuye gratefully welcomed a team from Engineering Ministries International who came to help with the development of thoughtful plans for the expansion of Kibuye Hope Hospital.  
EMI team and KHH staff/administration

This is the third time an EMI team has come to Kibuye.  EMI has been hugely helpful in the past with mapping out strategic and responsible infrastructure growth here by creating a Masterplan for the Kibuye Hospital campus.  As we implement hospital and community development, their expertise has been crucial.

The focus of their time here was the detailed design of a 48 patient ward which we hope to start January 2016.  This will not only create much-needed space for patients, but it will provide a well-lit, well-ventilated, and beautiful hospital environment.  

The team also marked out exact locations for basketball courts and football pitches (soccer fields), worked on large scale electrical and water/sewage developments, and proposed various landscape architecture ideas in order to fully capture the beauty of this place.  And the kids loved watching the surveying part of the work.

Thank you so much to the whole team for your tremendous help here for the future of Kibuye, and thanks also for your gracious attitudes, as welcoming 13 people all at once meant that beds were a bit hard to come by.  Thanks Phil, Dan, Caleb, Tony, John, Stanley, Jonathan, Dave, Matthieu, Kesleigh, Tim, David, and Kevin!

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