Kenya's Obamania in Gum Form

For those who missed our first Kenyan Cultural Moment, I would suggest it not be overlooked.

Many of you may have guessed that Kenya is full of Obama fans, and admittedly, the fact that a son of one of their own would rise to become the "leader of the free world", and a globally-popular one at that, is immensely intriguing. It was rumored (when we were still in the Western hemisphere) that November 2008 found Kenyan nurseries filled with little baby Baracks and baby Michelles.

Our first day in Nairobi, we saw roadside stalls selling kikois (i.e. African wrap skirts) with the printed face of Obama. But as there was also one with Micheal Jackson's face, we thought less of it. As time has gone on, though, we know this is no passing fad. Obama shirts and hats are everywhere. My favorite non-photographed example is the hologram belt-buckle that switched between Obama and the First Family, depending on your angle.

But this past weekend, I found a more personal token in the Bomet Supermarket, namely "Magic Obama Strawberry-Flavoured Bubble Gum". I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves, but please note the campaign slogans, and also the pictures of the entire family, including three girls.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my purchase (for about 1 USD) bought me not just awesome packaging, but individually-wrapped Obamanias.

We all got to try some (and there's still much left over), and my hope was that the McCropders would be able to produce a litany of witticisms worthy of this political cartoonists' dream (like "tastes great, but loses its flavor after the first 100 days"), but alas, we're apparently not that witty.


Alex Blanski said...

I am glad its "magic" as well. I am personally a sucker for magical products regardless of which president they taste like.

afreakforjc said...

have you guys heard the Barack Obama pop song on the radio? If you haven't, ask one of the Kenyans to sing it for you! It's catcy!

cropseyc said...

Two comments: 1) Is there any other Yes We Can-dy there? 2) Who is the third girl on the wrapper??

Anonymous said...

Okay, THAT is hysterical.
And of course, you know the line, "America got a Kikuyu president before Kenya did!"
Nancy, ancient music teacher of Dr Fader

Steve Telian said...

With your work in Africa, and Obama's work in the US, people will soon be coming to Kenya from all over the world for their health care!

Anonymous said...

He seems to be more popular in Kenya than in the US at this moment in time. Let's see what the next year brings.

Daniel said...

I've actually tried that gum. A missionary I know brought some back with him and was handing them out at his brother's wedding. They weren't half bad for the first 5 -10 seconds. After that, you had to spit it out lest you vomit. Ironic.