Our worship time at the Greece CMDA conference was headed up by a team from an organization called Prayercast.  Their purpose is to mobilize the church to pray for every nation on earth, and use media as a way to inspire and inform people to do so.  I wanted to share a few videos with you and also  let you know about their website, which is a great resource for praying for any country you can think of (like Burundi, for example!).  Of course, our internet is too slow to upload or download videos, so I'll just give the links here and encourage you to use them. :)  I believe June 8 is the national day of prayer. Please be praying for Burundi during this time, for peaceful upcoming elections in 2015, for national reconciliation, and for the gospel to penetrate all of our hearts.

Shine video:  http://prayercast.com/shine.html

Burundi video:  http://prayercast.com/burundi.html

General website: www.prayercast.com

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