Bon Voyage, Carlan!

Today marks, in some ways, the end of an era.  After almost two years of being together as a team, from Albertville France to Bujumbura, Banga, and Kibuye, Carlan is starting off the wave of HMAs/furloughs.  He left Kibuye this morning and will fly back to the US for three months state-side on Wednesday.  We are sad to see our energetic, hardworking, fun loving, awesome teammate and wonderful uncle to our kids say goodbye until October.  As a team, we decided it would be best to stagger our time away from Kibuye for the sake of the hospital and the sake of the medical school, but it doesn't make it easier for the rest of us to be apart.  Once Carlan returns, it's Alyssa's turn to go and then the McLaughlins and then…well, you get the picture.

So, pray for Carlan's trip back to the States, for safe travels and good times of fellowship and connection.  Pray for those of us here at Kibuye, trying not to let Carlan's newly formed ER crash and burn without him (!).  He has spent many hours in tireless service at the hospital, renovating and creating a new emergency room where there really was not one before.  We are blessed to have him as part of the McCropders, and eagerly anticipate his return.

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