Water Update

Six months ago, this hospital had no running water.  Handwashing was not a routine practice.  Water was carried up the hill by bucket so that surgical instruments could be washed and sterilized.  The water came from a nearby spring which provided about 40,000 L per day for the entire community, including 15 community taps, the hospital, and the hospital staff housing.  Water shortages and outages were a frequent occurrence.  

In February of last year, an Engineering Ministries International assessment team evaluated the water needs and water distribution options.  The team determined that a well the hospital had drilled was capable of pumping about 192,000 L per day, which could meet the expanding needs of the hospital campus and the surrounding community for many years.  A few months later a second team developed a master plan for the long range development of the hospital, including a plan for the water distribution system.  Some generous donors stepped up to meet the financial needs for the water system.

Earlier this year, Gaspard Ndikumana, the project leader for construction of the new water system, arranged for dozens of local men to dig the ditches, construct the well head, and lay the water pipes.

The work was done very well, and the water system now efficiently delivers plenty of water to the hospital and the surrounding area.  We thank the Engineering Ministries International team, the men who implemented the plan, and the people who donated to make it possible.

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Jennifer Ronco said...

Praise the Lord for this!