Au Revoir Kathryn Photo Recap

Today we bid a sad au revoir to Miss Kathryn at the Albertville train station as she headed back towards Michigan.  Kathryn has been here since the beginning of January, studying French, helping with the kids, and providing lots of fun for everyone as she found adventures and wrote about them.  We will miss her so much!  The pictures below show some of the ways that Kathryn has been such a blessing and joy to our team during the last four months.... 
Helping with the Kids - Ice Skating
Helping in Sunday School
Reading and Entertaining Children who Adore Her

Playing Music for Chapel
Studying French
Eating Together
Traveling Near and Far
Visiting Geneva (statue of John Knox)
Playing Uno and Many Other Kid Games

Teaching Piano
Being Silly
Celebrating birthdays  (Kathryn's in this case)
Exploring France

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your love with our children and your joy with everyone you meet.  You have greatly blessed us during this season of our lives in France.  We miss you already.

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Unknown said...

The McCropders were her heroes before she left, and the McCropders are still her heroes after four months of life together. Her family missed her dreadfully, but there's no one we'd rather share her with.