47 Needles

Moving back to Africa within a few months means checking to ensure that all important vaccinations are up to date.  Lo and behold, this Burundi-bound bunch needed more than a few immunizations and boosters... a combined total of 47 shots.   
47 vaccinations averages about 3 shots per person, for the prevention of several undesirable diseases, all of which the McCropder doctors saw while working in Kenya, including Hepatitis, pertussis, rabies, and tetanus. 
It seemed only fair that the injection duty be shared amongst the willing parties... including Sarah, Kathryn, and even Anna, who had no qualms whatsoever about learning how to poke a needle into Aunt Sarah. 
Thinking about vaccinations and medical care just makes us all the more eager to arrive in Burundi in a few short months. 


tscarlet said...

Way to go, Anna! Eika and Henry have always loved watching shots and blood draws...before we know it the three of you will have a roadside stand offering painted rocks and immunizations!

Denise in the World said...

You are a pro, Sarah! Great job!!!

The Jones Family said...

Gloves, friends!! It pains me to look at these pictures without any of you having gloves on! But looking at pictures of anyone getting any shot would cause a panic attack in Eric. 47 shots - way to go, guys! :). -Amy

Sandy said...

Well, that's a new strategy for conflict management! :) Love the pictures! You don't see that everyday. ha!