One of the topics that we studied at the Mission Training course last month was the subject of making major transitions between continents and cultures.

While the adult class learned all about transitioning, the children learned an age-appropriate version in their classrooms. Anna, our six-year-old, can now tell you about the five stages of transition:
The blue sticks at the beginning of Anna's bridge (transition) show the Settled stage. Leaving the solid ground of home, the bridge begins to feel a little unsteady in the Unsettled stage. The red sticks in the middle, where the sway of the bridge can feel most turbulent is called the Chaos stage. Note that during the unstable Chaos stage, we know that the love of God holds us up. Beginning to settle into new ground is the Resettling stage. And finally we should establish a New Settled in Burundi.

Anna got the concept. When the three week course was over, she was tearfully saying goodbye to her new best friend Cordelia (pictured next to Anna below). As Cordelia drove away after the course ended, Anna wailed with sadness. After a moment she found words to explain, "I'm in CHAOS!"

Abi also had a new good friend at the course, but these little kids do not verbally process the impact of transition as much.

Our family's current transition is underway as we are settling back into our home in Ann Arbor for the next six months. We are so excited to be here in this community again! Having gratefully received help from friends through this transition, I encourage all of you to reach out to help someone near you who is transitioning.

More transitions next week: Anna transitions from homeschooling with me to attending first grade in a local school, and Jason begins working in the USA. We appreciate prayers for these upcoming changes and also for the whole McCropder team as we continue to make preparations for transitioning to Burundi.


Kimberly said...

Good work, my friend! Thanks for sharing! Just makes me wish we were in Ann Arbor more!

Faders said...

This blog on transition was powerful. We could just hear little Anna's sweet voice as she wailed that she was in chaos. So sorry Anna, believe me, someday you'll look back and be so thankful you were raising on the field. For now it just seems hard. We're so happy you're back in Ann Arbor and hopefully settling into a bit of calm. We love you! Hugs from Ktm!