Motigo at Sunrise

On the morning of our departure from Tenwek Hospital, I managed to squeeze in something that I had wanted to experience for quite a while.  Believe it or not, it was definitively not to take a "pikipiki" (or motorcycle) ride with Jason.  Rather, it was to see the sunrise from the top of "Mount Motigo", which is the nearby hilltop, and the nearest peak around.

Right on the equator, the sun always starts to rise around 6:15 AM, and the walk is about 45 minutes.  But on the back of Jason's bike, we made the trip in under 15 minutes.  We got to the top just in time.

The lights of the Tenwek Community and Hospital down the hill.

This is what I had really wanted to see, which is the clouds settled into the valleys over the hills.

As I write this, 9 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time, the New Year is fast approaching Motigo Hill and Tenwek Hospital.  A small village full of people we love.  An hour later, Burundi will welcome the new year.  May the Lord bless 2012.

Happy New Year.

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