Thanks from the kids

We (the McCropders) have spent a lot of time these past few months sharing our story with whoever will listen to us.  Churches, small groups, friends, parents, parents' friends, medical conferences, radio stations, waitresses, you name it.  We have a presentation prepared for any occasion (if you'd like to book us...).  One of the more fun types of presentations we give is to kids.  We (Rachel and Eric) have done a number of chapel services and Sunday schools over the past few months--due in large part to the fact that Rachel's entire family is composed of Lutheran school teachers.  Last week we spoke at my aunt's school in Burbank, CA.  The kids made us a bunch of thank you cards, which we absolutely loved.  We wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

One of the favorite parts of our presentation seems to be our retelling of the Maggie vs. baboon story--the kids absolutely love that part.  Hence, many of the thank you cards dealt with that topic.
 "Thank you for showing the pictures of Kenya and the baboons.  I think baboons are funny.  I think your kids are so Adorable!"
 "No eat my food!" (presumably, this is Maggie talking to the baboon)
 "I'm sorry I accidentally did this card upside down"
 (the inside of the card)
And our personal favorite, "Thank you Dr. Eric and Dr. Rachel McLaughlin for showing us what you did in Africa.  It made us want to put in a offering.  To bad I forgot to bring my money but at least I'll pray for them."

Awesome. We hope to get more in the weeks to come.

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LOL! Thanks for another great post!