When people ask me what I miss most about Kenya, many things come to mind, but mainly the wonderful people we got a chance to know.  Sometimes people are surprised by my answer: the community (of course, had they read our "top 10" list this would be expected, right?!).  These past 2 1/2 months the McCropders have been together just a handful of days, and never in complete form.  We met in September for our World Harvest orientation, sans kids.  We met in October for PFR, but without the Cropseys, Carlan, and Fader kids.  Finally in November we were all together for the Knox Missions Weekend (except Carlan), but it was such a busy time that we barely saw each other!  The year has been a whirlwind so far for all of us, with many miles on the car or a newborn in the house.  It has been wonderful to reconnect with friends and family, but our kids were especially excited when they finally got a chance to see each other again.  I was holding Maggie when she saw Elise for the first time in 3 months and she got rigid with excitement, then super wiggly!  It was sweet.  Here are a few photos of our kids reconnecting.  What a blessing to have McCropders.

The "boys' club":  Micah finally has some friends!

Maggie and Abi hiding behind the snack table at a speaking engagement...

The girls are all helping Ben out with some tummy time:

Kids' picnic at Danny and Abby Fahim's house:  Elise, Abi, Greta Bast, and David Fahim

Maggie and Ben meeting up with an old friend from Tenwek, Liam Banks:

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Philip said...

great pictures. thanks. hope all your travels are going well. you are all in our prayers. Phil