Pacific Rim -- Take II

Once again, the McCropders have been spoiled by the Tang family who graciously hosted us at their Ann Arbor restaurant, Pacific Rim.  Bryan & Toanh Popp (an Ob/Gyn couple from the Ann Arbor area who worked with us at Tenwek for 9 months) joined us for the evening.  We're trying to convince them to join us in Burundi.  We figure they can claim the "op" portion of the McCropder name.

We enjoyed a fabulous evening of ribeye, tuna, wasabi-peppercorn tenderloin, crabcakes, chocolate-passion fruit mousse...to name only a few of the wonderful things we feasted on.  While we dined, our children were well cared for by Janet Tang and a host of people from our church (Knox).  They had a blast and we heard something about lions attacking damsels in distress.    

Many thanks to Duc, Janet, Abby, Grace, Nicholas, Barb, & Kristin for a delightful evening!


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Mmmm...Pacific Rim is awesome.