Happy Birthday McCropders!

The Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY has a special place in each McCropder's heart.  (For the McLaughlins, it is particularly special since it is where they first met.)  It was at this conference in 2007 that the McCropders first came to officially be.  You can read more history about that here.

For those of you not familiar with this conference, it is one of the largest annual medical missions conferences.  It's an amazing experience to rub shoulders with thousands of people who are all passionate about the same thing -- bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ through medicine.

We went into this conference with very different goals than previous years.  Instead of visiting every booth trying to figure out what to do with our lives, we were able to stay primarily at the World Harvest booth and talk with people.  Of course, there were still other booths to visit.  The LandCruiser booth was particularly popular with the boys as were the organizations that help provide engineering expertise, water, lab equipment, etc. for mission hospitals.

One of the highlights this year was meeting up with friends.  There were lots of people that we met at Tenwek who were at the conference as well.  It was fun to catch up.

Happy 4th birthday, McCropders!  During our first 4 years together, God has nearly doubled our numbers (with the addition of 5 more children, Alyssa, & Carlan), provided us with two invaluable years of experience and service at Tenwek Hospital, and guided us to a wonderful teaching opportunity in Burundi.  He has been so faithful.    

The McCropders (minus Elise & Micah who were in Michigan with grandparents) in front of the world map at the conference.  We were excited to see several other tacks besides ours pinned in Burundi!  

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