Song: Wisdom

I actually wrote this song awhile ago, in medical school. Interestingly, the seeds of the songs were written in Balfate, Honduras, in my first experience in developing world medicine. In short, it's a plea for wisdom. The decisions we make, both in quantity and severity, can sometimes weigh heavy.

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Fearful eyes on me
Waiting pain
World is straddling
It stands or it falls on what I say

Life is hidden flame
In the night
A key that's locked away
Behind the same-shaped key-holed door
That's sealed so tight

Savior, I cannot save this world
Lover, little love do I sow
Wisdom, take us where we should go

Hiking darker vale
Starless sky
Leading down the trail
Followers that somehow made me their guide

Thickest fog just fell
All around
Could I ever tell
Where this path leads?
I need you now

Needy, we are stumbling on
Grace, fall and lead us to dawn

1 comment:

RobStill said...

Wow, Eric this is a profound prayer, especially considering the weighty decisions you must constantly make. I love how it lets us feel your vulnerability and perspective.

Nice singing too. I think your voice is very good, nice timbre, but you could make great recordings if you took some vocal coaching. You could do that on line (check out Chris Beatty)

Also, just a tech thing, I could not get the song to play from the player, had to download it. But it was worth it.

You guys are inspiring, and in our prayers.