Party Week

Party #1 -- Thursday, March 10th in the afternoon (Elise's 4th Birthday)
  • My little girl, Elise, turned 4 years old!  We had a small party with three of her friends to celebrate this momentous occasion.  The most exciting thing about turning 4 is that she can now have a WHOLE Flintstone vitamin instead of just a 1/2.  

Party #2 - Thursday, March 10th in the evening (Rachel's Surprise Baby Shower)
  • The ladies of Tenwek planned a surprise baby shower for Rachel.  Typically, we have Bible study on Thursday nights, so Rachel thought she was coming for that.  Our first task was making sure that she was going to come.  Most women wouldn't venture out for Bible study 4 days after delivering a baby, but as you know Rachel walked home a mere 4 hours after delivery.  We figured it was a safe bet that she would show!  We had a fun night of food, prayer for little Benjamin, games, and presents.  We even managed to pull off a diaper cake in rural Kenya! 

Party #3 - March 14th (Pi Day)
  • My 7th grade math class had our second annual Pi Day celebration.  We enjoyed pizza pies again this year.  The kids labored over a pi trivia quiz and some math problems while the pizzas were cooking.  We closed out the event with apple pie, cookie pie, and ice cream.  I proudly displayed a photo of the pi symbol etched into a hippo that I saw while on safari.  

Party #4 - March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)
  • The final celebration of the week was for St. Patrick's Day.  We pulled off a very last minute shindig, complete with green punch, green Rice Krispie treats, green popcorn, and (homemade) green Oreo mint ice cream!  The younger kids put together decorations during their art class.  We played a few games and concluded with the Veggie Tales movie about St. Patrick.

It was a busy week and I'm partied out, but no one can accuse us of being party poopers here!  

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Sarah Lorenz said...

Wow, it looks like you are having a lot of fun! Happy birthday to Elise. This is the week that she and Trey are both four--he turns five on Monday.