The Lynntelnoster

The McCropders are blessed with a wonderful home church in Ann Arbor, Michigan -- Knox Presbyterian.  Way back in 2007 when we first started kicking around the idea of becoming the McCropders, three individuals emerged as our advisors.  Bob Lynn is the missions pastor at Knox and was an obvious resource for us.  Steve Telian is an otolaryngologist and elder with a keen interest in missions.  He and his wife served as mentors for John and Jess during the 4th year of medical school.  James Paternoster works with InterVarsity at the University of Michigan graduate schools (law, business, medicine, dental) and had frequent interactions with all the McCropders during medical school/training.

Without asking their permission, we dubbed them "The Lynntelnoster" using a combination of their last names.  Over the years, they have served as our collective, 3-headed brain, providing much needed encouragement and advice.  This past week was a historical event.  Steve Telian came to Tenwek as the third and final Lynntelnoster to visit the McCropders since our arrival in Kenya.

Bob and his wife Ilene visited us in July for about 2 weeks.  They dove right in, following the docs around on the wards and in the OR.

James Paternoster came in October to lead our Post-Resident retreat in Mombasa.  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it out to Tenwek, but we are looking forward to having his daughter come for a visit this summer!
Steve Telian's visit this past week completed the triad!  Steve was able to hear more about our plans in Burundi and even perform some surgeries at the hospital.  The last few days, he's been at Kijabe Hospital working with their ENT surgeon.  He flew back to the U.S. on Wednesday night.

We know that each of the Lynntelnoster made significant sacrifices financially and stepping outside of their comfort zones, so we really appreciate the extra effort.  Thank you, Lynntelnoster, for all that you have invested in us over the years!  We feel well loved and supported.


Anonymous said...

That's great! I know the LynnTelNosters from Knox 2001. That's awesome that you've all kept in touch.
Miss you all, Wen

Carrie said...

How wonderful to have all that support from great mentors. In addition to the brilliant smiles in every photo, I noticed all the bare feet. Having grown up in Kenya, I have to say that I still prefer to wander about shoeless as often as possible. Keep soaking it all in. I love reading about your experiences.