Tenwek FAQ - Part 2

FAQ #3: What types of animal wildlife live near Tenwek?

Well, I now feel qualified to answer this question, because Anna has already been the proud owner of no less than four small pets. Luckily our apartment does not allow pet monkeys, zebras, or elephants.

First, Anna brought home Sluggie the slug.

When Sluggie perished, she found Snailie the snail.

When Mommy released Snailie the snail, Anna talked her friends into catching her a frog.

Another kid offered to trade Froggie for a cool bug. Thus she was given Deedee the bug, who is still in captivity in the living room.

She is pretty excited about trapping bugs.

Little does Anna know, we also have geckos who roam our walls at night feasting on the mosquitos who like to feast on us.

We also have beautiful butterflies, like this one that we noticed last week while taking a walk.

What Anna really wants is a chameleon like the ones that our neighbors found in their yard.

For now, thankfully, she seems to have changed her focus. Today the object of her affection was a squash.

Pretending to be Mary with her squash named baby Jesus, she insisted upon carrying him around in modified Kenyan baby-carrying style.


Jennifer Alberts said...

OMG..how cute! It looks like Anna is adapting quite well.

Carrie said...


Anonymous said...

soooooo cute! I'm happy she's making new friends

gail said...
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gail said...

Having technical difficulties here. . Thanks for sharing Anna's newest friends. Absolutely adorable!

Cora's Asian Oddyssey said...

This is one of the great perks of growing up as an MK in Africa! Who knows what kind of career she might have in zoology or entemology or even horticulture!

Unknown said...

That's hilarious. I love all your posts.

Kathryn said...

Hahaha I absolutely love it!!! What awesome pictures too : )