Christmas Highlights

The McCropders’ first Christmas at Tenwek included:

- A festive church celebration of Jesus’s birth
- Christmas carols in the hospital wards after rounds
- Party hats for Micah’s 1st birthday (Christmas Day)- Skype calls with our families- Gifts from the Grandparents- Cookies and gatherings and good food- A Boxing Day picnic- Time with friends- Giving thanks to God for many blessings

Christmas in Kenya did not include:
- Visiting our families and friends in the USA. We really missed you.
- Eggnog
- Ice skating
- Sweaters, jackets, or mittens
- Inflatable yard decorations
- After Christmas sales
- Santa
- Snow
- A dramatization of the nativity stable scene. So Anna came up with her own re-enactment.

Merry Christmas from Kenya


Sandy said...

First Christmas at Tenwek! What a great way to start your adventure there! I had to laugh seeing Anna leading the progression of carolers! She looks so natural in that spot!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

I love that I get to see highlights of your life at Tenwek. We are praying for you here and miss you greatly.


Anonymous said...

Haha we LOVE the picture of Anna as Mary!! Too cute!!

Kathryn and Clara