Quotes on Leaving Home

The following is a somewhat random collection of quotes that have been running through my head, mostly encouraging, in regards to leaving home:

"Leave your father's land and go to the place that I will show you." God to Abraham

"I'm home anywhere if you are where I am." Rich Mullins

"We ain't never done this thing, but I guess that's how it goes. You breath deep when it comes to you and hold tight when it blows." Don Chaffer

"Heaven holds a promise for all the friends we've left behind. Time is not the ruler that I thought he was." Andrew Osenga

"I believe in... the communion of the saints." The Apostles' Creed

"I'll walk in the rain of his mercy, let it soak me down to the bone, splash in it's puddles and dance in its streams as I go... all the way home." Andrew Peterson

"A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are for." Matthew Perryman Jones

We're back in Nashville, packing up our own luggage, getting ready to head out. Some many emotions all at the same time.

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