Another Random Conversation

Rachel and I walked down to the waterfall today, because even term pregnant ladies need to stretch their legs or go stir-crazy. It's at a remarkably low level due to the lack of rain around here (which continues to affect our electricity). But this also makes for a lot more Kenyans hanging out at the bottom of the falls, maybe because the calm waters make for better fishing, I don't know. At any rate, one of them came up to us and we had the following conversation, in a mix of Swahili and English, sprinkled with the random Kenyan English-isms that I irresistibly fall into when talking to local folks here:

How are you?

Fine. Are you catching any fish?

Yes, we caught five. Do you want?

No, thanks. I don't need.

Do you eat fish?

Yes, we do, but we don't need any now.

Do you eat frogs?


Do you eat prawns and crabs? (this took some repeating until finding his meaning)

Yes, they are very good, somehow sweet.

Really? (expression of mild astonishment) You are from England or USA?


So Obama is your president?


Did you vote for him?

(part of conversation skipped in an effort to refrain from overly-political tone in our public forum here.)

I want to ask you one more thing. You know wrestling on television?


Yes. Is it real?



No, it's not real.

No? The people, are they real? Like Big Show?

The people?

Yes, are the people real, or they are from a computer?

I don't know Big Show, but the people are real, but they are actors.


Yes, they are real, but they are not really hurting each other.

So, I've been paying all this money to watch Big Show, and it is not real.

It is not real. Are you a student?

I just finished high school, and I am going to University this year.

Wow, great. What are you studying?



Well, nice time.

See you.

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