Tenwek FAQ – Part 1

Here on the McCropder blogspot, we will attempt to answer our readership’s Frequently Asked Questions. We’ll tackle a few at a time.

FAQ #1: How are the McCropder apartments furnished?
You will note several apartment amenities in this picture of the Fader living room. Couch, chairs, dining room table with rose bouquet. The door to the left center leads to a small hallway, through which you can see a yellow bedspread, a blue mosquito net, and a bedroom window. The door to the right center is to the kitchen, in which you see a refrigerator. That’s right, we have a refrigerator, an oven, and even a washing machine (for which we are especially grateful, since 4 of the 5 McCropder children wear cloth diapers). We do not have dryers or dishwashers, as you can see.

Running water is a nice feature of these apartments as well. The water comes out of the tap in a murky shade of dirt color. Not good for drinking. So we collect rain water, boil it, and then filter it in a water filter as seen here.

FAQ #2: How do letters, Christmas cards, and packages arrive at Tenwek?

The US Postal system can be used to send mail to Tenwek. Letters and cards usually take approximately two weeks in transit. The McCropders are not opposed to post-holiday arrival of Christmas cards. Bubble-type package mailing envelopes usually arrive within a few weeks as well. The mailing address here is:

Tenwek Hospital
PO Box 39
Bomet, Kenya 20400
East Africa


Ellen said...

way to air out your laundry! : )

Cora's Asian Oddyssey said...

Wow! A passive solar clothes dryer! How green!

hankwillisdds said...

Yep, our Christmas card went in the mail to you 2 days ago... We'll call it a New Years card!