Marsupial Moment

By Julie Banks

This year I find myself teaching Science for the first time at KHA.  My degree is a Bachelor of Music with a major in Vocal Performance, so it seems somewhat natural for me to teach music, composers, drama, dance, and other such arts.  But Science is different.  Daily I’m surrounded by these doctors who were Biology and Chemistry majors and would be far more qualified to teach our students’ science class. But here I am!

Thus far our Sonlight curriculum has had us exploring all sorts of interesting and exotic animals.  Many days we read books, look at pictures, and do worksheets and crafts.  Probably much like a North American Science class.  But I’m sure our conversations about our real life experiences with these animals are much different than the conversations you might hear in a 3rd grade classroom in the States! 
KHA 3rd Graders: Alma, Ben, Zeke
These MK’s, or “Third Culture Kids,” absolutely amaze me with the knowledge they already have just from living this globe-trotter life their families have been called to embrace.  Alma, Ben, and Zeke have lived and traveled all over the world!  Between these three precious ones, they probably have traveled to somewhere between 20-25 countries!  One has plenty of Arctic Canadian wildlife stories, another has ridden a camel at the Pyramids of Giza, another’s car was invaded by wild monkeys.  They’ve seen wildebeest graze the savannah and giraffes stretch their long necks to feed on acacia branches.  They’ve encountered hippos in the wild, and stared wide-eyed at kingly lions.  Sometimes physician training takes our families to Asia where our kids have had the chance to see pandas in their Chinese home, or ride elephants through the jungles of Thailand.  These three kids have even seen the rare spectacle of penguins that live on the beaches of South Africa.

But this week I finally found an animal (and a continent!) that they have never seen:  Australia’s beautiful kangaroo.  These marsupials are a true wonder from their soft pouches to their knock-out punches.  I tied a “pouch” onto their bellies and we stuffed little “joeys” inside and took them for a bouncy ride.  

We even tried eating greens like a kangaroo!  

Next I snuggled the triplets into their own cozy pouch (read: missionary-sized duffle bag) to watch a video of kangaroos bouncing and boxing. 

What a fun day.  We learned.  We laughed.  I thank God that He is challenging me to stretch past my comfort zones. 

We are four weeks in to the school year and today my son casually asked me the same question many adults love to ask 8 year olds, “What’s your favorite subject in school?”  And do you know what?  I surprised even myself by saying “Science!”

Well, I guess this music girl did end up bringing a little “drama” into Science class after all!

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Julie, this is so FUN!!!