Looking for Some New Recruits

by Jess Cropsey

As our team has grown, the needs at the hospital and the scope of our work has also expanded.  And so we find ourselves needing more help in certain areas.  We're hoping that you, our faithful readers, will help us cast our net wide and pass this information along to anyone who might fit the bill.  And please be praying that God would provide the right people to help us in these critical areas.  

(Term:  1+ years)

  • Partner with our on-the-ground engineer (the highly talented Caleb Fader) to oversee hospital construction projects and renovations
  • Assist with maintenance for hospital buildings, equipment, grounds, & vehicles
  • Train local workers
Requirements & Critical Qualities:
  • Prior experience in developing world preferred
  • Resourcefulness, patience, & perseverance
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(Term: 5 years)

  • Develop hospital chaplaincy program
  • Assist local chaplains with patient outreach at the hospital
  • Oversee discipleship programs for medical students and hospital staff
  • Assist with missionary team care
Requirements and Critical Qualities:
  • Prior experience in pastoral care, discipleship, and/or counseling
  • Language learning abilities (fluent French and some Kirundi important)
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(Term:  2+ years)

  • Track project construction income and expenses
  • Assist with hospital project/team administration and logistics
  • Find and apply for grants (optional)
  • Create fundraising materials (optional)
Requirements and Critical Qualities:
  • Some experience with basic bookkeeping
  • Good organizational, social, and communication skills
  • Prior experience overseas and/or with a NGO would be great!
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I'm sure you're surprised to see no blog posts in this department!  :-)  While this unglamorous, behind-the-scenes work doesn't lend itself to interesting blog posts, it is critical work.  None of the projects (like the new surgical ward or the upcoming pediatrics ward) could happen without someone keeping track of things.  

(Term: 1+ years)

  • Repair and maintain hospital equipment
  • Train a small team of local technicians
Requirements and Critical Qualities:
  • Prior experience in developing world preferred
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(Term: 2 years)
We are always looking for teachers to help us educate the many kids on our team.  There is a huge need for teachers on many other Serge fields as well.  

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Please contact Jess Cropsey (jesscropsey@yahoo.com) or Serge Mobilization for more information about these opportunities.  

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