Beautiful Burundi

(from Eric, with help from everyone)

Burundi, like anywhere else, is a mixture of brokenness and beauty, of glory and shadow.  And this blog has told its share of tragedies.  Today, however, we'd like to honor the goodness and the wonder that is around us in Burundi, country of a thousand hills, country that reflects the glory of its Maker.

So here's a feast of photos that we've collected over the years.  There are two focal points here.  The first is the beautiful green landscape.  The second is the beautiful people of Burundi.  Over the years that we have been here, the people of Burundi have been examples to us of joy, love, enduring forgiveness, hard work, undying hope, intelligence, and great kindness.  We have seen faith and self-sacrifice that we pray that God will enable us to emulate.

Voilà!  Beautiful Burundi:


Rebekah said...

These photos truly are breathtaking! You've captured not only their beauty, but the feeling they exude as well.

Sandy said...

These are beautiful. The sixth picture reminds me of the garden of Eden.
Oh, the beauty of God's creation!