On a Thursday Afternoon

Today the kids and I (Heather) were wondering what goes on up at the hospital on a Thursday afternoon.  We walked up with a camera in case any of you faithful readers were curious as well.
Thursdays at 4:00, Alyssa teaches the medical students how to do pediatric physical exams.  Abigail happily sat in today so that the medical students could practice checking her ears and eyes.

Then we found Carlan as he was walking between buildings on his way to examine a patient.

John was building walls for the eye ward operating room.

And Jason was scrubbing for surgery.  In this operation he actually drained 2 liters of pus from the leg of a 10-year-old girl with pyomyositis.

So that's what we found happening at the hospital at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon.


Sandy said...

Heather, it is fascinating to see pictures of your community! I noticed how THICK the forest is behind Carlan. Have you ever pushed through that?

tscarlet said...

I love these little glimpses into life there! Keep 'em coming!!! And WOW Abi's hair is long!!!

Eric said...

Nice view of day in the life.

Spinal anesthetic for the pyomyositis?