McCropder Docs Invade the Hospital

(by Eric)
Today, January 2nd, 2014, is the official start of the hospital work of the six McCropder doctors.  We have been involved in various ways in the past couple months, even with some clinical work, operating, and consults, but our Burundian doctor colleagues (and 1 American visiting doc) have continued to work in the hospital, thus allowing us for the most part space to work on homes, community relationships, and language study.
My impression of the community anticipation of this is that it is high.  People are excited to see the white coats, and the influx of more advanced care into this community.  24 medical students are slated to arrive on Saturday, to begin on Monday, this group for 4 months.  There are five Burundian general doctors (no residency training) at the hospital, and for the most part, we have been teamed up with them, to learn the ropes.
We got together to pray last night and talk about excitements and anxieties.  Some thoughts:
-It's been a long break from clinical medicine.
-Are we really going to do this in a foreign language (or two?)
-There is so much that needs to change.  How do we balance being leaders with respecting what has been going on, and not changing too much too fast?
-John is opening a new department today, and will be training his small staff on a brand new type of care.
-McLaughlins' kids will be having some time alone with a Kirundi-speaking nanny each week from now on.
-O God, help us to love.  Whatever we do, let us do it with your love.
-We are so thankful to have come this far, having been shown so much faithfulness by so many friends and strangers, and most of all by a Savior who has loved us and called us to a good work.

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Sara and Sebastien said...

Thank you for sharing your specific excitements and anxieties! I know this has been a journey to get to this point, and Sebastien and I are thrilled for you. We will continue to pray for you, especially now as you begin work at the hospital. May God grant you grace, wisdom and patience.