Burundi Church Music: A Sample

We have made a couple references to the music at the church next door.  A few weeks ago, I turned on the recorder on my phone during a song.  It's rough, but it captures the experience pretty well, to the extent that I've enjoyed listening to it since then.  

So I thought I would share it.  I can't get the online music player to work (techies, help!), but you can click here to listen to the mp3.  Feel free to download it as well.


Anonymous said...

That was utterly beautiful!

Thank you!


Wendy said...

thank you so much for that taste of glory...i brought me to tears and worship. So nice to think of you all, especially my little friend Maggie...what a privilege to have spent time with all of you in Spain

Dave Thompson (Janette Miller's father) said...

I loved the song. Send more. One of my favorite parts of any trip to Africa is the singing in church.