Song: We Will Rise With You

There's a part in Wright's "Surprised by Hope" (July's Book of the Month) where he urges people, in response to a general paucity of theologically apt resurrection worship songs, to write new resurrection songs.  I read this and thought, "True.  But I don't really write worship songs."  Alyssa read that and said, "Eric, you should do this."  So I gave it a shot.

Here's the result.  We did end up doing this song at our church at Tenwek several times before we left.  We'll see if it gets carried on.

We Will Rise With You

There's a hope to which we hope within this night
Anchored in the morning death was put to flight
That this groaning of creation
Waits not vainly for salvation
He will come and will put all things to right

Our Bright and Morning Star is making all things new
Banishing the powers of hell he overthrew
And his kingdom ever growing
From the smallest seeds he's sowing
No dark corner left without the light shot through

We will rise, we will rise with you
When all the heavens and the earth are made new
And finally, to be all that you made us to be
And all that you've redeemed
We will rise with you

So we hope in that which we don't always see
It's broken in, but it's yet to be made complete
But this fractured world around us
Is not always the way it was
And it's not the way that it will always be

So we work and play under this sun and rain
Knowing that our labors in him are not vain
Working in us is his power
Holding us up every hour
Til in just an instant we will all be changed...

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Philip said...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the song - the lyrics, the pauses, the melody - all great.

Welcome back to the USA, such as it is.

Your brother,