Leaving on a Jet Plane

Despite living in community for the past two years, we as the McCropders have left in waves.  The Cropseys left last month as you know, and are doing well back in the States.  The rest of us leave this week.  Forgive us as we might not post as frequently in the next few days...goodbyes, time changes, jet lag, small children...there might be a lot going on.  Never fear, we will keep track of our backlog!

The McLaughlins and Alyssa leave Nairobi tonight and arrive in Nashville Friday afternoon.
The Faders leave Tenwek and Nairobi on Saturday and arrive in Chicago Sunday.

Please pray for us during this time apart and these days of travel.  For safe flights, rest for our children, timely connections, and no missing baggage.  We have said many goodbyes in the past days.  It has been difficult but a blessing to reflect back on all the Lord has done and all He has brought us through.  Also pray for the wonderful reunions coming to us in the days ahead.  Thanks for sharing these two years in Kenya with us, and we look forward to sharing many more stories with you in the days and years to come!


Sandy said...

Can't believe your stint at Tenwek is over! May God bless you trip to the States!

Carrie said...

Has it really been two years already? I have enjoyed reading along with you on your journeys. Safari Njema and maybe we'll meet on this side of the ocean.