When you are tired
Not just your hands
Not just your feet, but your heart
Wounded from all you can't do
Or you did, but it's fallen apart

When you have wept
Deep from the ache
Dried on your face while you slept
A sorrow, a fog like a chill
to the heart of the fears that you kept

Rest you a while in the arms of the stars
Light in the dark, Light in the dark
Straight to the morning, their courses do run
Steady to sun, Steady their course to the sun.

When you have fought
Standing your line
But watching it all come to naught
Tomorrow will resume somehow
But not now, not now

For there is a good king that now reigns
Known by his wounds, a lamb that was slain
And he knows you
And gives you your name

"Let us not grow weary in doing good." - Galatians 6:9


Anonymous said...

nice. i rocked liam to sleep this afternoon listening to this. i miss you, bud.


Carrie said...

That is a really really beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

Uttz Family said...

loved the song and listening to you sing it...wish I could do that with you in person more. Love ya

Linda said...


That's beautiful. So peaceful and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.
Aunt Linda

The Newmans said...

Such a beautiful song to happen upon at this wee hour of 3:00 am!! As I sit with thoughts rolling, my heart eager with anticipation, my arms open to embrace this next season as our family is lead to these distance lands you speak of in your posts. Oh the joy but oh the anxious thoughts that can creep so near as we walk into the unknown. Thank you from this stranger for sharing so deeply and tenderly and openly the journey God has taken your families on. For people like us happen upon it in as we sit on State side right where you were in the early 2000s, hearing that assured call of the Father to leave this that we know behind. Blessed be His name in you and us! Feeling much encouraged now as I lay back down and rest for the remainder of this night.