Embracing the Ants

“But I say to you, love your enemies, and do good to those that persecute you.”

We have undergone some small-scale persecution here in Kenya. Persecution by ants. For examples of recent harassment by the 6-legged tormenters, see here and here.

Well now that Anna is turning six years old today, she seems about ready to learn how to love her enemies, turn the other cheek, and embrace the ants. Hence the Pincher Ant Birthday Theme. (Thank you to friends from Knox for sending us jelly beans which made perfect pincher-ants-on-birthday-cake.)

She actually requested a costume birthday party, so the young invitees came decked out in full makeshift regalia. (Thanks to friends from Tennessee for sending dress-up clothes.)
The kids brought presents, wrapped missionary-style in recycled gift bags (I’m pretty sure the gift bag pictured here has been in circulation for at least 5 birthdays already) or even wrapped in reused wrapping paper held together by duct tape. Love it. Tenwek-style birthday presents are also extremely practical and can shamelessly include any hand-me-down item or creative non-material gift.
In completion of the lesson in befriending our persecutors, the brave children played Pin the Pinchers on the Pincher Ant.

It remains to be seen whether today’s festivities will improve the communal despising of the ants, but we will hope for the best.


jesshills said...

haha! Love it! (-:

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Linda S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Love the ant theme for the party! So creative! :) Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating! Matt and Maki

DrsMyhre said...

Happy Birthday Anna!! Ants and Anna have half their letters in common. May she grow to be a prolific queen in the Kingdom, and may all the guys with pincers be on HER side. Much love from the Myhres.