Together Again

The McCropders have all reunited at Tenwek after successful scouting trips to Burundi and Madagascar. Both the McLaughlins and the Faders had fruitful investigations of hospitals with good potential for future McCropder involvement. The McLaughlins and Faders will soon write posts about their discoveries and adventures, just as soon as we recover from travel-with-a-toddler fatigue. The summary is that we seem to have two good options before us.
We are happy to be home. This picture was taken today as we gathered to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the day Abi came home to the Fader household. We feel very blessed today. Blessed to have adopted Abi, blessed to have had an excellent trip to Madagascar, and blessed to come back to such a wonderful group of friends here in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're all together again. I'll pray for wisdom for each of you and for you collectively as you seek God's will in the next steps.
~Carrie Lassiter

Linda S. said...

I remember the trip very well. I cried tears of joy Tuesday remembering our journey and how blessed I am to have you along on the journey - last year and today. I love you guys.