Over the past 9+ months here at Tenwek, we've said lots of hellos and goodbyes to people. We're excited today to welcome a new family that will be here until May--Bryan, Toanh, Anna, and Leo Popp. The Popps are special for a number of reasons. One of which is that Bryan and Toanh are both OB-GYNs who helped train Rachel for 4 yrs in her residency program at St. Joe's. Another is that Toanh delivered Anna Fader (and Bryan was minutes away from being the doc that delivered Maggie...although Rachel is glad that Maggie did not wait those extra minutes). And then, they are just really great people that we're excited have decided to come spend nine months of their lives with us. We're developing Tenwek into a little Ann Arbor out here in rural Kenya. :)

The Popps left private practice in the US and will help out the OB department here at Tenwek significantly. Anna and Leo will be enjoying the benefits of home schooling for the first time. Of course, for the next few days they will mainly be getting over jet lag and figuring out exactly how much that first grocery trip in Nairobi actually cost... Check out their blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I worked under Toanh too...she caught me humming once during surgery and didn't know where the noise was coming from. :) So glad they are there!