Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday

We McCropders like to organize our major life events into groups. If we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, then it's just not a good allocation of resources to have things like birthdays spread out over 12 months. Much better to lump them and then throw half as many parties. So, thank you to the mothers of Heather and Eric, who delivered them both on the same day (forceps and C-section, respectively), albeit 4 years apart: June 3. And I'm sure Jessica's mom would have LIKED to have Jess born on June 3 instead of June 8, but Jess must have realized that one day she would meet up with Heather and Eric and be secretly glad that she had her own personal birthday to celebrate.

Also of note in McCropder life events, Jess and John share their wedding anniversary with Jason, who has a birthday within 2 weeks of Maggie and Anna. Micah shares his birthday with Christmas, Abi with Thanksgiving, and Rachel, John, and Elise all have March birthdays. And the Faders found out that they were matched with Abi for her adoption on the same day Maggie was born. Neat, huh? :)

So all that to say, Happy Birthday Eric, and Heather, and an early Happy Birthday to Jess as well (who gets her own cake).


Sandy said...

Good times! Happy birthdays, Heather and Eric!!!

Eric said...

happy birthdays!

jesshills said...

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Love you, Jess (Goober)