What About The Blog While Stateside?

Some of you may be wondering:  Now that all the McCropders have relocated to the US for the year, what will henceforth be the pattern of this blog?  This year is certainly not a "year off", and missions communities have come to call this time "home ministry assignment" or "HMA".  Yet, without daily interaction with African culture and medicine, many blogs hibernate in a pretty severe way while stateside.

This post is to let the blogosphere know that we are aware of this, and are determined to fight the current.  Leaving Kenya is more of a beginning than an end.  We continue to be very interested in helping connect those of you who have been following our journey, either here on the blog or elsewhere, with our experiences.  We need you to pray for us, and we know that an influx of stories helps to keep you engaged.  Some ideas of what to expect:

1.  Kenya stories and thoughts:  We have lots of back-logged ideas that didn't get posted in Kenya, and now with super fast internet, we can blog twice as fast!  There are medical cases, family stories, and general thoughts that never made it, and as long as we're diligent, we don't anticipate running out any time soon.    John buys a cow.  Eric trusts Jason to take him up a mountain on a motorcycle.  Continued Kenyan Obamania and more.  Look for lots of gross eyeball pictures in the future! (Sort of kidding)

2.  Readjustment to the US:  I thought our most common question upon returning would be "How was Kenya?", which is natural and, of course, unanswerable.  I've been surprised that the most common question is "What is it like readjusting to US culture?"  Given the interest, we will share some on this, and we'll try not to go overboard, since this blog is more about connecting to Africa than connecting to US culture.

3.  The Onward Journey:  Our community of families is entering another phase, complete with new challenges and joys.  Our philosophy has been to openly and honestly share this journey with any that are interested (as well as try to generate interest in those that aren't!), and we will strive to be consistent with that, so that you can know us better, pray for us, and learn along with us from all we go through.

All this to say:  Continue to check in on the site here, as we will continue to share.  Thank you for your interest and encouragement.  It is extremely helpful to us.

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