Tenwek on National TV

NTV Kenya (a national TV station) came to Tenwek two months ago to do a short piece on the hospital. We weren't able to find the original online, so the video (available here on YouTube) is simply our camera recording what's on the TV. You'll want to turn the volume way up because it's a little hard to hear, especially with comments from the peanut gallery! John is briefly featured in the video. Unfortunately, he is misquoted as saying that the eye unit did 14,000 surgeries last year! Actually, they did just over 2,000 surgeries and saw over 14,000 patients in clinic. The clip is very well done and a wonderful testimony to all the hard work that has gone into Tenwek for over 50 years. It's a honor to play a small part. To God be the glory!

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Valerie said...

The length of time of the news segment was awesome! Praise be the glory!!