School's Out!

Friday was the last official day of school for the Tenwek missionary kids.  To celebrate, we had a field day complete with games and a picnic lunch.  Heather even got in on the kickball game...in a skirt and flip-flops!

It was sad to finish my last day of teaching 7th grade math at Tenwek.  During the year, we discussed everything from operations with fractions to graphing nonlinear equations.  We had a good year, the kids worked hard, & I thoroughly enjoyed teaching.  Unfortunately for three of my students, they will go back to class immediately after returning from camp next week.  We will start their 8th grade math class in order to get a little instruction in before we (the Cropseys) leave in August.  The other two students get a complete summer break and will be at Rift Valley Academy near Nairobi in September.

From left to right:  David, Kayla, Joel, me (Jess), Abby, & Peter

Heather & I are both thankful for the opportunity that we had to teach these young kids. (Heather taught science to the same class of students.)  These kids are terrific and we will miss them! Congratulations to the Tenwek missionary kids on a successful 2010-2011 school year!


Sandy said...

Wow! Anna Fader is losing teeth! Time keeps marching! Congratulations on a good year, Jessica and Heather!

Sarah Lorenz said...

Looks like fun. I'll bet it's nice having such a small class size!